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Monday, August 21, 2006

UK to get its first WiMax-enabled town -- cows rejoice

WiMax is really springing up all over, and the latest target of its wily wireless ways is the city of Milton Keynes in Britain, known especially for its concrete cows (pictured). Telecom Pipex is teaming up with Intel for the rollout, the UK's first, and they're going to announce their exact plans for the service in four weeks. The rollout will be gradual, but once they're done using Milton Keynes for a guinea pig cow, they're hoping to land WiMax in eight UK cities by 2008, including London and Manchester. No word on how much the network will cost when its all said and done, but the new choices it will offer should be good news for consumers currently getting milked on 3G data costs.

Source: Engadget